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Attic Insulation Services Boston, Massachusetts

Attic Insulation

Why is attic insulation important, or why is attic insulation even needed? The answer lies within the simple yet not widely known phenomenon of aerodynamics. Warm air bears a lighter weight, and that is why it will soon rise to the top, escaping through the gaps and open spaces in your home's attic. This nature of hot air makes it difficult to retain heat during winters.


An easy way to keep this air from escaping is to have your attic insulated. An insulated attic not only helps you keep the warmth inside your home but it also prevents the frosty chilly air from intruding into your space.


You’ll find many kinds of attic insulations out there – soft insulation is excellent for sealing up any tiny openings, whereas hard attic insulation is designed for exterior walls. These insulations are made up of various kinds of material including cellulose, foam, fiberglass, etc.


It is recommended to choose a thicker material for your attic's insulation, as it prevents the cool and warm air from moving in and out of your home more efficiently. This is particularly important if your home is now aged – with time, the spaces around and in-between your home's attic tend to broaden, allowing in air, grime, debris, insects, and sometimes bats, too.

Call us today to get your attic insulated! Insupro Attic Insulation of Boston also offers free personalized price estimates upon client request.

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